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  • Can you assist with drawing or design changes?
    Yes, our engineering team works closely with all customers to ensure the manufacturability of the part and will always offer our thoughts on possible changes to optimize the process or help improve yield. If the customer agrees, we can change drawings internally and send out for confirmation before sampling.
  • How do you guarantee the quality of raw materials?
    We work closely with all suppliers and sub-contractors to control the flow of material, for non-standard materials our SQE will be at the vendor to inspect material before it is shipped to us. We also do third party material analysis when necessary to check chemical composition, yield strength, tensile strength etc. In addition, all materials are inspected for conformity during incoming quality inspection.
  • What certifications does your facility have?
    We are certified for ISO9001; 2015; ISO13485 ; AS9100. In addition, our staff are trained to adhere to 6S practices throughout the factory.
  • What is your capacity?
    In general, we try to plan our capacity, so we are sitting at about 80% in order to allow for rush orders to fill the remaining capacity. We are constantly purchasing new machinery and growing overall capacity to assist our growth and position ourselves to be able to have open capacity when needed.
  • How many locations do you have?
    Currently we have four manufacturing facilities: 3 in China and 1 in Tijuana. In China, we have our primary facility which houses our complex machining, plastics, assembly, and molding departments, as well as our corporate office. In addition, we have 2 other machining facilities focused on higher volume mass production, one is located 200 meters away from the primary facility in Tangxia, Dongguan, while the other is located in Huizhou about 45 minutes drive away. Our Mexico location is an injection molding and assembly facility which is also used to warehouse product for US distribution.
  • What is Tutamen’s yearly revenue?
    2016 - 15 Million USD 2017 – 18 Million USD 2018 – 21 Million USD 2019 – Estimated 25 Million USD
  • What is the lead time to get a quotation?
    One week.
  • What supporting documents can be provided for shipments?
    We provide material certificates, as well as all finishing process certifications if necessary (Anodize report, heat treat report, material testing reports, CPK information).


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